Canadian Citrus
Canadian Citrus Import Center – Canada
Canadian Citrus Import Center operations focus on consolidating its relationship with North American suppliers, as well as developing product distribution of our imports provide by our sister’s company (Sabroso Tropics S.A de S. and CATFES south Africa),. As a sister company of Sabroso tropics ) in El Salvador, we own 420 hectares of fully producing farms in Central America, 240 hectares being seedless Persian limes, 140 hectares being Lemons (Eureka), and 40 hectares of tangerines citrus. Canadian Citrus Import Center is Already supplying over 65% of all the bars and restaurants in the Great Toronto Area (GTA),Sysco (Canada), brewers, cosmetics manufacturers,with our Lime, Lemon, clementine juice zests and peels.being, growers, packer, juicers ,exporters and importers of our citrus products we can ensure 100% efficiency in the export, quality, and cold chain, having a final outcome of top quality fresh products with the best price for our clients! CCIC handles and supports North American production directly from a sales logistics and financial point of view for exports of North American. europe, Africa, and hon kong products around the world., but our main work is our imports for distribution to local North American customers.
Sabroso Tropics – El-Savador
Sabroso Tropics is a Salvadorian producer, packer,  bottler and exporter who specializes in the export of first quality fresh Salvadorian PURE 100% TROPICAL Juice and fruit to Global Markets, Our company combine with its two sister companies Canadian Import Citrus Center in Canada, and CATFES in South Africa has reached new horizons to be able to provide any discerning international importers or retailers with a table of fruit and related services.

El Gorrion states is a large farming operation with our own packing plant and bottling plant of about two hundred and eighty (280) hectares fully producing Limes, eighty (80) hectares of Lemons/Eureka and forty (40) hectares of Clementines.


Being part of the area where the river Palio in El-Salvador is born, El-Gorrion states and the Menjivar Family are the proud defenders of the natural water springs that are in our land, with 100 acres of jungle that has never been cut just designated to the preservations of these water springs and local ecosystem. These states are already providing 45 permanent jobs and another 60 contract jobs every container sold! in the rural areas of El Salvador.

Canadian citrus import center is committed to maintaining the most natural and organic ways of farming from using only organic fertilizers (chx dropping, bat droppings ) to fight our pest by hand or the only USDA approve. Always harvesting Only the freshest and highest-quality fruit to the highest international standards.

Fresh Packing

First, we pick the best field for fresh limes, Lemons or clementines for export Only the freshest and highest-quality fruit is selected, the fruit the best quality color, juice content, and senescence. All the fruit is hand pick with the highest care to avoid damaging after is brought to our packing plant to be wash, brush, wax and classified, meanwhile doing 3 times a very severe quality control. After they are pack in our own SABROSO LABEL BOXES OF APPROXIMATELY 40LBS, (110, 150, 175, 200, 230, 250) sizes. It is brought to our state of the art coolers for a pre-chill before dispatching, thus ensuring 100% growing harvesting packing shipping and cold chain guarantee for our clients around the world. Due to all of the above we can guarantee permanent supply with the best of the princess to all our client.

Following the same steps as exporting fresh limes, we begging with the choice of the field with the best Citrus for juice. Only the freshest and highest-quality fruit is selected it takes approximately 6000 crates of fresh limes to make one container of juice, ALL LIMES AND LEMONS  AND CLEMENTINES are hand pick, after they are load into the truck and brought to the fresh packing plant line, to be wash, brush, and classified (750000 limes). After this process, the limes are ready to be juice and they are brought up to the juicing plant next store.

Once in the juicing plant all our citrus fruit get juice is squeezed it gets the bottle in 1 little bottle with the label of the Canadian Citrus import center or by our Client specifications. Once the juice is the bottle, they go into individual boxes of 4 bottles of 1 little each per case,(or as the client request) once this is done the juice is brought to our state of the art coolers. Each pallet contains 292 cases of 4 littles each and it takes 20 pallets to fill a 40-foot container (We can pack as per client specifications).

Each container of juice contains 20 pallets of 292 cases with 4, 1 littler bottles cocktail juice in each case, or 60 pails of 20 little 100% juice for brewers, cooking,or cosmetics manufacturing.


CATFES South Africa was founded in 2008 with the main aim of creating a direct link with South African production, As a sister company of Canadian citrus and Sabroso tropics S.A de C.V in Central America, we have 440 hectares of fully producing citrus farms, being able to fully control our products from the farms to the packing and the exporting logistics, to provide our clients with top quality fresh fruit at the best price! CATFES has been importing fresh products into South Africa since 2008. It handles and supports South African retailers and production directly from a sales, logistics and financial point of view for our imports and exports of African products around the world, As suppliers to some of the biggest Supermarkets in South Africa, we have built a great presence and partnerships, being able to obtain the best product and the best prices.
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